Advanced Teacher Training 

Spring 2021

5 Things you must know to

BE THE OUTSTANDING YOGA TEACHER you are called to be! 

Join Debra Hess to 

Train and Focus on these 5 remarkable skill sets that will set you apart in your field of yoga teaching.

Section 1

Will give you the satisfaction of adding

strong Physical skills to your teaching style.

Experience the satisfaction of a class

with power and safety to go deeper and transform!

Section 2

Will give you the time to explore your own soul gifts and discover what will bring you alive as the unique teacher that you are.

Here we explore, Themes, Music and Personal growth

and how to incorporate this into class

building depth to the community you support.

Developed over the last 15 years

these 5 skill sets have set me apart and have given

me and my students a deeply satisfying teaching experience each and every time!

Won't you consider this opportunity!

The 5 skills that make a Difference 

Debra's teaching style is based on

Learning through Experience.  

You can expect hands on, personal experience of the following skill sets to insure your deepest learning and retention!

Section 1

The Deeper Physical Practice 6 hrs


1) Therapeutic Skills for most Common Issues 

*Neck and Shoulder

*Low Back Health, Sacrum

*Abdominal Core, Psoas and Hips

Class templates included

2) Sequencing Designed  For Energetic Intelligence

**Learn what is behind Peak Pose sequencing

*Discover the Power of Energetic Pathways

*Sophisticate your Pranayama skills and Execution

*Convey and Support the Subtle Body experience

3) Assists that have an Impact

* Develop skills in Seeing Energy

*The Boundary of Permission

*Physical Alignment Adjustments

*Increase Confidence on Enhancing cues/hands on

 Section 2

Personal Depth Explored 

Your Soul Gifts as your Platform 4 hrs

4) Setting the Container of Experience

*Create and Hold an all levels Sense Experience

*Theme Based Classes with Depth and connection

*Learn Music qualities that enhance, and create

* Receive a playlist of your choosing

*How to convey your off the mat experience


5) Personal Development and Its Place in Practice

*Your Own personal Shamanic sessions to explore 

your natural place of feeling ALIVE

*Physical Practice

*Meditative Practice

*Mindful Practice

*Spiritual Practice

*Learn How to deliver Teaching concepts within the core

physical and mindful practice.

*Philosophy and Therapeutic Source List

Students can expect an immersion experience

that meets you right where you are READY 

to Become The Outstanding Yoga Teacher

you are called to be!

Program Structure

Section 1

 3 sessions 2 hours each

6 CE Credits

Investment: $570




Section 2

  2 sessions 2 hours each

4 CE Credits

Investment: $380




Full Program

Section 1 and 2

10 CE Credits 

Investment: $850

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