Back to Basic's Beginner Yoga Series meets the needs of many students!


 Students Just Beginning the Practice will Benefit from:

* Personal Assistance to correct placement and posture that suits their body style and avoids unnecessary injuries.

* Safe and skilled teachings addressing: Proper Breathing and Alignment.

* Friendly approach to ease first time anxiety.

*Introductory teaching on the Health benefits you receive from a consistent Yoga practice.


Students of Yoga Going Back To Basic's for Therapeutic and Energetic Alignment will benefit from:

* Deepening the subtle pathways of connection found in each Asana

* Supporting Personal Physical concerns that show up after years of practice or now including recovery to injury or dis-ease within the body.

* Going back to basics from the advantage of the advancing practice!


Debra's Back to Basics Beginner Series is a friendly, highly intelligent approach to bringing students the highest quality Yoga experience that is right for them in this moment of their practice.  We never are complete in the practice of Yoga...there is always something new to learn and explore with our ever-changing bodies and life challenges.  We are here to support your journey, safely and with Loving Kindness.


Instructor Debra Hess:

Debra's first and most passionate love is to teach those who are brand new to Yoga! The enthusiasm and love of yoga that is dear to her heart comes thru with such a joyfulness that it is hard not to see how this ancient discipline will benefit you as well!


Debra is an ongoing student of this beautiful art form....You can always catch the newest wave her in-depth studies and break throughs as revealed in her own practice! Debra has been taught by the skilled and renowned teachers, Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea, and Doug Keller.


I hope you too will consider taking your Yoga Practice a little deeper and gain the confidence of your intelligently evolving yoga nature! Body Mind and Soul!

Your Eager Companion,


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