Transformational 1:1 Offerings with Debra

Personally Matched Vibrational Heart Discover Sessions 1:1

Discovery is waiting Inside your beautiful Self: Debra will create for you a recorded support journey that changes that you will have forever!

What to expect:

1 hour 15 minute session

10 minuets of Heart Discovery Meditation with Spirit

10 minutes of Recorded Laugher Yoga designed to meet your Best Nervous System support

15 minutes of Recorded iRest Yoga Nidra bringing the energy and vibration of change to subconscious mind...Freeing patterns of Fear into Flow and Faith in Self and the Universe.

Cost exchange: 108.00

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iRest 1:1

iRest 1:1 Co-Meditation is a form of iRest where we meet

1:1 and welcome everything just as it is.


In co-meditation we are learning to sit face to face with ourselves

and with another. We meet without agenda to fix or change and

unconditionally welcome and mirror all that is arising.


This is for everyone who is interested in finding

true health, healing, and peace of mind.


The key to inner peace in not some locked away secret,

but easily accessible with these methods of practice.

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