4-Week program

Detox Your Life for your mind, body and emotions.


January Dates

Deadline Dec 28th 

First Circle: Mon Jan 11th

10 Day Detox:Thur Jan 14-23rd

4 Monday night Circles 1/18-2/8

7:00- 8:15pm EDT

30 days including individual support sessions!

Join Debra Hess and Heather Ciprani for a 4-week journey, a wellness makeover, for your mind, body and emotions.


You will be guided through a nutritional and emotional cleanse for 10 days, followed by a transition time that will help give you the tools to empower you and take back control of your health, both nutritionally, mentally and emotionally.

Food Empowerment: You might think there is no way something as simple as nutrition could change your life, but it’s actually the only real solution. Most pills and prescriptions just mask symptoms. Working with Heather isn’t about a dictated diet plan. It’s about expanding your knowledge and owning the power you have to live the life you want with food. You will be shown the principles of traditional foods, so you are able to confidently nourish yourself, your family, and friends with delicious, whole foods.

Emotional Empowerment: Like nutrition, emotional education and application has the power to take you from states of dis-empowering thoughts, actions and beliefs into the empowering language and expression of your true Self; confident, free flowing and resilient. Expanding the language of your emotions, both cognitively and physiologically will have a direct impact and correlation to your relationship with food, nutrition and self image! Heather and I believe firmly in the necessary coupling of these two innate systems of knowledge to own the power you have to live the life you want with food.

Nutritional Component: 10 Day Cleanse and Custom Meal Planning- Heather will guide you through a nutritional cleanse for 10 days designed to enhance the body's natural metabolic detoxification process while providing adequate fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities—providing energy and support for overall well-being.


Detoxifying supplements and a clean diet allow the liver, kidneys, and tissues to release built up toxins, hormones, inflammation, and day-to-day sludge that builds up in our daily lives. The detox also enables a person a way to discover food-sensitivities as they reintroduce foods after the cleanse. After the 10 days, she will assist you in your transition whether it be to lose weight or help get your diet back on track, in a way that is in harmony with your own body.


Each client will have a custom protocol as well as time to speak with Heather throughout the program to help you learn the right foods to eat, so you can take control of your health and live a vibrant, radiant life.


• 10 Day Cleanse Kit Includes: 10 Day Supply of Shake, Adva-Clear Detox support supplement, Probiotics, Vitamin C, and Magnesium Citrate


Tools for Nutritional Support: Over 4 weeks you will have 2, 1:1 session with Heather to go over your needs, challenges and together you will set realistic goals. She will provide you with a personalized roadmap to guide you through your cleanse, as well as your transition. You will have time dedicated to ask questions and ask for help in order to set you up for success for the journey and beyond. You may be asked to keep a food diary and take photos for yourself before and after so that you can see the transformation in yourself.

Emotional Component : The language of emotions is hardwired into each of us as messengers bringing necessary information to our conscious experience in the moment NOW. Learning to sense and allow, welcome and explore these movements of information is key to their flow in and out of our lives without getting stuck in patterns of repression, resistance and most commonly numbing them out. To everyone's great detriment we have not been taught, or supported in the understanding of this innate system of wellness and resilience that affords us a direct connection to our confident sense of self. Addictions and patterns go unnoticed till we have created an armor that stands in the way of our greatest desire: to be free flowing, creative individuals, able to face anything that life brings our way! If your intention is to explore, improve and empower yourself you will need an education and support of this vital aspect of self.  

Tools for Emotional Support: Over the 4 weeks Debra will support you with 2, 1:1 co-meditation experiences that begins the conversation with your deeper beliefs around food and some of your patterns already in place. Using LOVE and COMPASSION we will carry on the conversation with ourselves as transparently as you are able to create shifts in transformation around old patterns and fears. Journaling and meditation will be required to let the part of you that is scared and resistant know that you are serious and capable of undertaking this at this time. The 1:1 sessions will be designed to assure that connection and integration is complete. It is important that we set goals that are realistic, so as not to sabotage the process.


 Weekly 60 min circle lead by Debra, Here we join all together to support one another through the changes and struggles, as well as celebrate the flow and incredible insight we gather about ourselves. These insights are also extremely valuable when shared with one another, as we usually face similar patterns and challenges. Offering a space for support, helps healing and lets you know you are not alone in the challenges you face.

COST: 4 weeks (30 Days): Jan 2021 $880.00

What’s included:

• Supplement cost (with shipping) 

• WELCOME: Initial Zoom call/Group Intro

• Day 1 (Debra & Heather) 60 mins

• Weekly Women’s Circle

• 4 sessions (60mins)

• Nutritional Guidance/10 Day Cleanse Protocol 1:1  • 2 sessions (90mins)

• Co-meditation session 1:1  • 2 sessions (60mins) • Facebook Group for support, questions and sharing.

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