LOVE IS WHO YOU ARE COURSE

Wow! Debra's wisdom and personal transformation shine through as she guides you deeper into love. She provides a beautiful container and tools to help us find the next step on our path, into deeper love. From the first night of the workshop, through Boot Camp week and the whole process, I kept thinking, "This is amazing!"


What if "solving your problems" isn't the answer...maybe feeling better is the goal! Debra has wonderful insights into this!  Grateful Student, Susan

                                         LOVE IS WHO YOU ARE COURSE

I am writing to try to convey my recent experience with this course.  I have been on my own journey toward self love and self acceptance.  

Some of my journey has been independent, some has been supported by friends / loved ones, and recently, I took this

course.  I know that courses are not for everyone.  However, it made such a huge difference for me to do some of this important work in the company of a sisterhood and to be given some extremely useful tools to help me on my journey.  For example, there was this one very cool meditation where you worked through a particular challenge.  Perhaps it involves a conflict with your spouse, family member, friend, or co-worker.   Well, the funny thing is that wherever I started, it always came back to me and to self love.  While a little frustrating at first (I really wanted to just be right! ),  this was actually a very good thing since I CAN change myself.  

In either case, I want to send my best wishes to all on your own journey — whatever that may be.  ️Jodi

                                          LOVE IS WHO YOU ARE COURSE

This class created awareness about conflicts and how I can choose to react to them.   Debbie has great tools to help me to go inward and listen better to what triggers me, why it does, and how to best support myself and respond to others.  Who doesn’t need help with these things in life?   The class size was perfect with a total of four students in my class.  The examples shared by Debbie and fellow students were enlightening and very helpful for me to better understand myself.  Caring teacher –all of the materials for us to use were reviewed in detail during class.   Debbie was a great support to help us better understand anything we had questions about.      Joy

                                          LOVE IS WHO YOU ARE COURSE

I’d definitely recommend this course as I appreciated the authenticity of our teacher and the safe container of sisterhood.  I feel confident that every class I take with Debra will help me to achieve positive change and be with my investment of time and money.  She delivers what she promises.  It works if you do the work.   Signed MAJ

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